The unanimous opinion of committee members was that the events held during the summer – climaxed by the Community Block Party in August – were hugely successful overall.

150th Anniversary Committee Chairman and Mayor Pro-tem Shawn Pipoly tells WHMI that the committee spent a lot of time discussing what to do with the money left over from the sale of Brightonopoly game boards and commemorative T-shirts.

Pipoly says they sold about 300 Brightonopoly games and have around 200 left, as well as a large number of T-shirts in different sizes. The remaining Brightonopoly games and T-shirts can be obtained at city hall, at $35 for the game boards and $15 for the T-shirts. One caveat, though: all purchases must be in cash.

The Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce and some downtown businesses will also be carrying the items, although a specific list of stores is not yet available. (TT)