Combat veterans along with any others who may suffer from trauma are invited to a series of local classes that will help deal with the effects.

REBOOT Combat Recovery is a 12-week program that exists to help veterans and their families heal from the spiritual and moral injuries of war. The program isn’t just for military veterans, however. The class will also be a help to people who may have been traumatized through sexual abuse or assault, verbal abuse, or work in law enforcement or as a first responder. The class is led by Marine veteran Dave Ferris, who says it has proven results when dealing with post-traumatic stress and combat drama. While national statistics indicate that 22 veterans commit suicide every day, Ferris says since the REBOOT program began, over 1,500 people have completed the course and there have been zero suicides by program graduates. He adds that graduates also statistically see significant improvements towards anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Participants in the program will work on their issues while receiving clinical insight on topics like life, death, meaning, and purpose. This is the second time the REBOOT program is being offered in Livingston County, with a previous round held in May. One class begins next Thursday, September 21st at the Venture Church in Howell and then another on Monday the 25th at the 2/42 Church in Genoa Township. Meals and child care will be provided. You can find additional details and register online through the link below. (JK)