A Howell High School administrator was honored with an award Tuesday night for education innovation.

Youth for Understanding USA Intercultural Exchange Programs nominated Howell High School Principal Jason Schrock to be this year’s recipient of its Education Innovation Award. In a ceremony held at Howell High School Tuesday, Schrock was recognized for his significant contributions to the field of education through service, commitment and deepening the experience of cultural exchange for students.

YFU President and CEO Scott Messing said Schrock stands out for his tireless decades of dedication to fostering their mission of advancing intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through exchanges for youth, families, and communities in Howell.

Since 1995, prior to becoming principal of the school, Schrock is said to have been instrumental in welcoming 49 YFU exchange students into the school community and endorsing a culture of international awareness and global citizenship throughout the school. YFU exchange students attending Howell for the school year have included German, Italian, Chinese, French, and Finnish nationalities among many others.

The award presentation was part of a larger ceremony to dedicate a new commemorative showcase at Howell High School, which will be used to feature the school's exchange students. The award ceremony was attended by various administrators and staff members as well as this year’s YFU exchange students from Korea, Germany, Thailand and Japan and their host families. (JM)