The Michigan State Police Brighton Post is part of a new program that works to assist people struggling with addiction and reduce drug demand.

MSP has now joined almost 200 police departments nation-wide in the Angel Program, a pre-arrest diversion program. The Angel Program allows someone with a drug addiction to walk into a state police post and seek help for their addiction, without the fear of arrest or investigation. MSP has now expanded the program to the Brighton Post, which recently trained Angel Volunteers to provide support and transportation for the participants. The Angel Volunteers assist post personnel in finding the appropriate treatment, and then transport the participant to the treatment.

Participants must not have active warrants, pending court action, or be a registered sex offender. The participants must also arrive to the post voluntarily for treatment.

Anyone interested in learning more about the program, or becoming an Angel Volunteer is encouraged to contact the Michigan State Police Brighton Post at 810-227-1051. (JM)