A 5.5-acre property on Flint Road in Brighton that includes a vacant home slated for demolition is envisioned by the owner as a future redevelopment site.

The home, at 614 Flint Road, is slated to be demolished in the coming week. It is owned by Brighton area businessman John Conely under the name SKA LLC. The site also includes six mobile homes which are classified as low-income housing. Brighton City Manager Nate Geinzer tells WHMI that Conely has obtained a demolition permit to have the house razed.

Conely says he is unsure at this time how he wants to develop the land, but it could become a mixture of town houses and apartments or housing for seniors. He says soil borings and topographic surveys have been taken and the soil is good at the site with no contamination. Conely says he would seek to have the land rezoned as a Planned Unit Development, or P-U-D, if he develops it. He says if it is rezoned, the land could provide housing for as many as 100 families.

Conely says he is working with city community development associate Brandon Skopek and architect Piet Lindhout to come up with a viable proposal for redevelopment. He says if he does come up with a firm proposal to present to the city, he will give the families who occupy the mobile homes plenty of time to make other housing arrangements. (TT)