Skaters looking to turn 720s and grind rails can do so locally at one of the best parks in the state.

Best Things Michigan has named the park at the Brighton Nazarene Church, or the Naz, as one of the 9 best in Michigan. The indoor park has special features built in for skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades. The all-ages park is open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with Saturday split into three different sections for elementary school students, middle school students, and skaters of high school age or older. Something unique to the Naz’s Skatepark is that during each Saturday session, skating stops for a few minutes for “Skate Church,” in which the Skatepark Director shares a devotion and lesson.

Anyone present for Skate Church earns free admission to the park for the following weekend. Normally admission is $8. If skating isn’t your thing, there are a variety of other activities to participate in like ping pong, arcade games, and air hockey. Adult supervision is present during hours so that parents who wish can enjoy a quiet, kid-free lounge that overlooks the park with free Wi-Fi. (MK)