Mountain bikers in Hartland Township will soon have a new path to get their wheels dirty on.

In 2014, behind the support of a local resident, a subsidiary of the International Mountain Biking Association drew up plans that were approved by the township board for first phase of a new trail at Settler’s Park. An injury to the resident caused the plan to falter before construction could begin. Now, a different and more local chapter of the IMBA wishes to revive the project. The path will wind back and forth through approximately .64 miles of woods, hills, and valleys on the west side of Settler’s Park. Director of Public Works, Bob West, told the Hartland Township Board of Trustees during their regular meeting earlier this week that the same chapter has successfully built a similar path by the Milford YMCA.

Supervisor Bill Fountain is in support of the idea, saying he believes it will really offer a different type of outdoor exercise and experience than what people may find on paved roads. The path will be eco-friendly, using natural terrain and no asphalt or concrete. The IMBA’s local chapter will maintain the course, and West said, if worst come to worst, it merely reverts to a natural setting. Once more of Settler’s Park is developed, they will look at extending the path around the outside perimeter. West said he will invite the organization to make a presentation to the township board at their next meeting, which is on September 18th. (MK)