This weekend, area residents are invited to take a walking, interactive tour of one of the county’s oldest cemeteries.

The Conway Township Cemetery Committee is holding their annual “Walk Through History” at the Benjamin Cemetery Saturday afternoon. As part of the event, the Fowlerville Community Theater players will be portraying important people from Conway Township’s past along the walk. Attendees will be able to hear from Civil War Soldier Milton Hitchcock, cemetery namesake Delsey Benjamin and his wife, early settler Covert Sherwood, and Warren Grant. Grant and his wife opened the first post office in Conway Township.

Walking Tours begin at 3pm and will depart approximately every half hour until 5. The event is free, but donations are being accepted. Funds made from the event will go towards restoring damaged and unreadable headstones throughout the township’s 5 cemeteries. The Fowlerville players will also be holding a bake sale to support their group at the walk. Benjamin Cemetery is located at the corner of Sherwood and North Fowlerville Road. More information is available through the link below. (MK)