A plea has been entered by a woman authorities say attempted to hide evidence of a baseball attack that involved her husband and one of his former employees.

In April of 2016, a fight broke out in the parking lot of the now-closed Bubba Chang’s restaurant in Genoa Township. Those involved were a former employee, Guan Han Chen (aka Andy Chen), his son-in-law, Changqian Zou, Jeremy and Johnnie Hamilton, brothers and the owners of the Chinese-American Buffet, and restaurant dishwasher, Timothy Borg.

Chen, a cook that had recently been fired, had returned to the establishment with Zou to collect back wages and personal belongings. An argument between Chen, Zou, the Hamilton’s, and Borg escalated in the parking lot and Zou was reportedly attacked with a baseball bat by Johnnie Hamilton. His wife, Angela, allegedly hid the bat after the attack and was charged with tampering with evidence. She appeared in Livingston County Circuit Court Friday and pleaded no contest to an added count of lying to a police officer. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the original charge against her. She is set to be sentenced September 28th.

Johnnie Hamilton is facing charges of assault with intent to murder and two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. His trial is tentatively set for September 11th.

Jeremy Hamilton, who allegedly used the bat to smash up Chen’s 2008 Honda Odyssey during the incident, was sentenced last month to three years’ probation. Timothy Borg, who is said to have attacked Zou as well, was originally charged with assault with intent to murder. He was sentenced earlier this year to three to 10 years in prison after pleading to a reduced charge. (DK)