A meeting next month will seek Livingston County residents’ input on future transportation needs.

SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, is seeking input from residents across the region to aid development of long-range transportation plans. Public input meetings have been scheduled throughout the area to allow residents to share their priorities for the transportation system. Included in the gatherings is a meeting set up on Wednesday, September 13th at the Genoa Township Hall on Dorr Road. There will be two sessions that day. The first will run from Noon to 1:30pm and the next from 5:30 to 7pm.

Kathleen Lomako, Executive Director of SEMCOG, says the meetings are essential to receive diverse perspectives. Input from the meetings will be used to help shape priorities for the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan. Scheduled for adoption in 2019, the plan will describe how billions of dollars will be invested in the region’s transportation infrastructure and operations. As the transportation needs of the region evolve with changes in population and demographics, travel and lifestyle preferences, the economy, and technology, particular emphasis will be placed on walking and biking, traffic safety, pavement condition, transit, environmental quality and traffic congestion.

An online survey tool also provides opportunities to identify travel issues, rate approaches to improving the system, and rank overall priorities. The link is below. (JK)