Three judges have withdrawn from a case stemming from charges against a Genesee County Commissioner from Fenton over an incident that occurred during the Memorial Day weekend.

District 6 Commissioner Drew Shapiro was arraigned on three misdemeanor charges following an incident that took place on Silver Lake on May 27th. The 28-year-old Shapiro was accused of shouting ethnic slurs from his pontoon boat at an individual on shore who is reportedly dating his ex-fiancée. He was charged with reckless operation of a vehicle and two counts of indecent language on June 30th. Shapiro’s pre-trial hearing was scheduled for last Wednesday, but was adjourned after District Judge Jennifer Manley disqualified herself from it. This comes following District Judge Mark McCabe and Chief Judge Christopher Odette’s decisions to recuse themselves, as well. All three cited compromised objectivity, according to MLive. One of Shapiro’s responsibilities as a county commissioner is to oversee the judge’s salaries.

Shapiro, who is running for a vacant seat in the State House of Representatives, posted on Facebook following the arraignment that he believes this is a public smear campaign against him for being a Jewish Republican in Genesee County. If all county judges recuse themselves from the case, a judge from another jurisdiction could be appointed. No further court date has been set. (MK)