The Livingston County’s Board of Commissioners on Monday approved the use of a recording method to broadcast future board meetings.

Members of the community previously expressed their desire to be able to watch what was transpiring in their county’s government while at home through the use of either a streaming or televised method. As a result, beginning in September, Soundque Multimedia will be providing a video recording of all future board meetings for the next six months. County Commission Chair Kate Lawrence referred to this as a six month trial to see how this method will affect future meetings and how many people view the meetings from home. The board meetings will be posted to the county’s website the following day with all presentation clips attached.

Soundque will be charging a monthly cost of $860 which will be funded through the Board of Commissioners 2017 Operating Budget. Lawrence claims Soundque was chosen for the task due to their success and experience with recording meetings for other counties.

Lawrence also stated that if the experiment proves to be a success, other committee and finance meetings could be recorded in the future as well. (DF)