Learn more about the shortage of talent in a fast growing market and how to land a career in it next Tuesday in Pinckney.

The Pinckney Cyber Training Institute is holding its first ever Cyber Security Career Seminar at Pinckney Community High School on August 22nd. Leading the seminar will be Colleen Riccinto, President of Cyber Talent Search. She will provide an overview of the current state of the cyber security job market and the talent shortage within it. Experts project there will be 1.2 million cyber security jobs available in 2020, with not enough qualified individuals to fill all those positions. Riccinto will provide information on career pathways through the field along with representatives from many local and national brands with a stake in the industry. Representatives from The Ford Motor Company, Michigan Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the United States Air Force, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department, and the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association are all scheduled to be present. The seminar is free and is expected to run for 90 minutes, beginning at 7pm.

Institute Director Jim Darga said this is one of the many services they offer that helps keep individuals and businesses safe online. The Institute provides training for high school and college-age students, IT professionals, and business owners. They offer a wide range of Department of Defense approved courses with everything from getting started in network administration, to more advanced courses that help people upgrade their skills in the cyber security field. To register or learn more about the Cyber Training Institute and all they offer, visit their website, www.pinckneyCTI.org. (MK)