The process to achieve national accreditation for the Livingston County Health Department is moving forward slowly, but surely.

Though the LCHD has been accredited by the state for over 18 years, their journey to achieve national accreditation, which began in 2015, is still ongoing. Health Promotions Coordinator Chelsea Moxlow says the LCHD is “making good steps toward that goal”, but isn’t done yet.

Moxlow reports the LCHD submitted all of the required documentation to the state last Tuesday in their quest for national accreditation for local health departments. Despite only being about halfway through the process, Moxlow says the LCHD is still excited to say they’ve submitted all of their evidence.

She indicates the documentation is being reviewed by a specialist with the Public Health Accreditation Board and the next step is to prepare LCHD staff, board members, and community partners for a site visit. External evaluators will tour the LCHD’s facility, ask questions they may have, and then move forward with their final decision. The date of the site visit is undetermined at this time. (DK)