Starting tonight on US-23 between Barker and 8 Mile Roads, a shift to move the two southbound lanes and the two northbound lanes of traffic from the northbound side of the freeway is expected to occur.

Once the shift is in place, all four lanes of traffic on US-23, two in each direction, will be located on the newly reconstructed southbound side of the freeway. At that time, the reconstruction of northbound US-23 will begin. This traffic configuration is expected to remain in place until early November.

Then beginning Wednesday morning, the northbound US-23 on-ramp from 8 Mile Road is expected to close, after the traffic shift occurs on US-23. At that time the southbound US-23 on-ramp is expected to open. The closure is needed for reconstruction. A detour will be posted for each ramp closure.

Also on Wednesday, the northbound and southbound US-23 on-ramp from M-36 will close. The ramps will be closed until September 15th. The closure is needed for ramp reconstruction and for the construction of the extended acceleration lane at the interchange. Detours will be posted for each ramp closure as well. (DK)