An esteemed youth care specialist and author will be speaking to a local school district to help set the tone for the upcoming year.

Charlie Applestein has written 3 critically acclaimed books on helping children who struggle with emotional and behavioral problems. He’ll be discussing his newest book, “No Such Thing as a Bad Kid” to the staff of Pinckney Community Schools on their Opening Day, August 29th. Superintendent Rick Todd said that Applestein shares a lot the same beliefs that many in the district hold, and this will help expand and strengthen their capabilities. He recognized that students come to class every day with a variety of skills, talents, and challenges. Whether those challenges are academic, social, or emotional, the district needs to be able to recognize what issues the kids are bringing, and provide them a path towards being successful. Todd said Applestein spoke at the Livingston Educational Service Agency last year and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone from the teachers to the bus drivers to the custodians are invited to the event.

Todd said that they all interact with the kids, and they want to make sure those interactions are positive, even when a child is having problems. He said it is important to make them feel like they are valued and welcomed, and that they can help them with any struggles they may be dealing with. He spoke of the importance of staying on top of the skills needed to understand what the kids are bringing to them, because it all has an impact on the way teachers teach and the way children learn. Todd stated that when you start from a place of empathy, it has a way of working outward, making everything smoother. Photo- Facebook (MK)