Local teens have an opportunity to take part in a free hands-on advanced distracted driving course.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office provides a teen distracted driving course every year through a partnership with FT Techno of America but an advanced course is being offered September 16th. For the 9th consecutive year, FT Techno of America will open up its 950-acre Fowlerville Proving Grounds as part of a unique advanced program.

It’s described as a free, one-of-a-kind, teen driver training experience that goes beyond traditional driver training with real-world, challenging driving scenarios. Participants will learn how to safely spin out on ice and snow using a low friction tile test track. Other training involves accident avoidance maneuvers, skid control, and dealing with loss of control.

There is some classroom instruction but Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy says the majority of time is spent on the track with the teen’s personal car. Murphy says it’s an awesome opportunity he hopes teens will take advantage of. He says the Sheriff’s Office promotes anything that better equips young drivers to understand the dynamics of getting behind the wheel and how their vehicle handles under certain circumstances.

Teens must be 15 or older, in high school and have a valid permit or driver’s license to participate. Space is limited and the class will be limited to 30 participants. Registration details can be found through the link to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. (JM)