Sidewalk trip hazards will be removed throughout the City of Howell.

In 2011, the city identified an alternate method of addressing trip hazards and started utilizing a highly specialized method of horizontally saw cutting sidewalk to remove trip hazards, resulting in reduced liabilities and safer pedestrian infrastructure. The city contracts with a company that brings in a machine that cuts it down. It’s not grinded but an actual cut for a smooth finish. At a recent meeting, the Howell City Council authorized staff to contract with Precision Concrete Cutting to perform the work at a cost not to exceed $15,000.

City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI its about one-tenth of the cost of doing a full replacement on a sidewalk, so it’s a very cost-effective solution that enables the city to buy several years of life from the sidewalk before having to do full replacement.

As part of the city’s sidewalk program, staff works to identify assorted trip hazards. The typical program focuses on areas of known hazards that are tracked annually through resident concerns, incidents and staff observations. Charles says a number of trip hazards have been identified all throughout the city. He says the repairs are part of ongoing efforts to promote walkability and safety and just part of their obligation as a community to make sure sidewalks are safe. (JM)