A competency review has determined a Milford man remains incompetent to stand trial for trying to set a vehicle on fire.

At a hearing last week in 52nd District Court in Novi, 23-year-old Giovanni May was ordered to remain at the State Center for Forensic Psychiatry for another 60 days after a review determined he remained incompetent to stand trial. It is the second such finding since his arrest March 8th. May was charged with a felony count of arson in or near a building after walking into the Milford Police Department shortly after 3:30am and telling officers he tried to set a postal truck on fire using a lighter fluid-soaked sock.

Police say May admitted stuffing the sock into the opening of the truck's gas tank and lighting it just minutes before he turned himself in. It failed to ignite when the sock broke into two and the burning portion fell to the ground. May talked to police about hearing voices in his head and that he wanted to go to jail, saying he had considered setting a police car on fire initially, but chose the postal truck because he hoped it would set off a chain reaction explosion of nearby vehicles.

May also said he may have been pushed over the edge by the election of Donald Trump. A follow-up hearing for May is set for September 27th. (JK)