A new multi-style home, multi-demographic development has received preliminary site plan approval in Hamburg Township.

Supervisor Pat Hohl called the proposed 70-home Regency Hills development a “whole new concept” for the township. Hohl said developer Progressive Properties has brought forth a design that will attract everyone from families starting up to empty nesters. They are proposing 70 homes ranging from 2,000 square foot single family dwellings, to 1,000 square foot bungalows that would suitable for retirees. Four different types with several styles within each would help, as the developer said, make the area feel more like a “neighborhood” and less like a subdivision.

Regency Hills is proposed to sit on roughly 50 acres off of M-36 with Ace Hardware on its western border and the railroad tracks on the east edge. One resident brought up a traffic concern, but with M-36 being a state road, that is in the Michigan Department of Transportation’s hands, and not Hamburg Township’s. There will be acceleration and deceleration lanes added, but whether a passing lane will be required is yet to be determined.

The homes will be built on only 14 of the 50 acres, with the remaining land being left as protected wetlands. Resident Gabe Ivan spoke up during public comment concerned about the density, noting that 70 homes is roughly twice as many houses as the township’s ordinance would normally allow in that space. Treasurer Jason Negri later said he wasn’t sure, himself, if that number wasn’t a bit too high. Clerk Michael Dolan said he was concerned, too, but as long as these are as affordable to retirees as promised, he could be okay with it. Zoning Administrator Scott Pacheco said the ordinance is written to allow the township board flexibility, especially in the name of creativity. He said with unique common spaces, useable front porches, and housing styles ranging from traditional Michigan architecture to new urban designs, this will be anything but a cookie-cutter subdivision.

Hohl reminded the board that this was just a preliminary site plan approval, and all they are doing is approving a concept and general layout. The board approved the plan unanimously, and expects it will take the developer around 3 months to put the final site plan approval together. (MK)