Family, friends, and graduates were treated to a special ceremony Monday night for trauma survivors.

2/42 Community Church in Brighton played host to a graduation ceremony in honor of 22 graduates who completed the REBOOT Combat Recovery Program. The 12-week faith-based program is geared towards military veterans, first responders, and individuals who suffer from any form of trauma. Along with their family and friends, the graduates enjoyed food, musical performances, and received their certificates for completing the program.

Class leader and former U.S. Marine, Dave Ferris, said that that 22 vets commit suicide every day, but that since its inception, not one of the 1,700 graduates of the REBOOT program nationally has done so. A fall program is already being organized along with future programs at other locations within Brighton, Livonia, and Milan.

If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in the program, all information can be found through the link below. (DF/JK)