The Vice President of Pinckney Community Schools Board of Education expressed dissatisfaction with his fellow board members and the superintendent.

During open session in Thursday night’s regular meeting, Vice President Robert Guilloz said he’s lost sleep and been around the world in his head over the past 10 days. His discomfort came after the board and Superintendent Rick Todd suggested actions against Trustee Paul Samways. Guilloz said Samways’ attendance, attire, and behavior were all brought to attention during a private meeting. He said it was suggested that a parent be recruited to come in and talk against Samways', and that he doesn’t feel that is right. Guilloz said he has lost confidence in many of his colleagues, especially Todd and board president Michelle Crampo. He said he doesn’t feel their actions are right, ethical, or a good model for the children and teachers of the district. He said he was ashamed he didn’t speak up at the meeting this was all discussed at.

Todd said he appreciates Guilloz’s concerns, and the board’s willingness to hold a difficult discussion, but didn’t feel it was right to bring out comments from a private meeting during a public session. He also said that there was more to this story that people who aren’t on the board know, but declined to elaborate. Board president Michelle Crampo said she was disappointed that Guilloz didn’t bring these feelings to her privately, first, as well. She said she has expressed her concern, and the concerns she’s heard from parents to Samways.

Trustee Terri Bankes said she has also reached out to him, and that the board needs someone who is going to show up. Guilloz said that Samways is an adult, an elected official, and that if the people who elected him aren’t happy with his behavior, attendance, or performance, they can seek recall. Todd said the board is his boss, but it is also a checks-and-balance system, as he is responsible for every employee in the district. Samways was not in attendance, Thursday night. (MK)