Green Oak Township has approved amendments to an agreement with a local recreation authority that include changing the way the municipality funds the program.

After the Southeastern Livingston County Recreation Authority, or SELCRA, underwent changes, Green Oak and Brighton Township were the only two participating communities that remained. Both townships contributed to the authority on a per-participant basis, however SELCRA recently amended their Articles of Incorporation, which includes a revision to that funding scenario for the next three years.

On Monday, Brighton Township adopted the modified articles, bringing their annual contribution to a flat fee of $150,000. On Wednesday, Green Oak Township discussed the articles as well and unanimously approved the revision. They will now pay $100,000 per year as a member. Trustee Rich Everett prefers this funding plan to the previous one because it is more simplistic and doesn't require a lot of tabulating on SELCRA's part. He also feels the 60/40 funding split is spot on based on participant statistics from the last several years.

Everett says SELCRA’s Director Jason Spiller has brought a lot to the program and it’s important to reassure him that funding will be available to the authority. Funding will revert back to per-participant in 2021. Everett says this is because they expect another community will have joined the organization by that time, and statistics will have been gathered to determine a fair funding ratio. (DK)