Brighton Township is reaffirming its commitment to certain ethics identified by the state’s Townships Association.

The Principles of Governance from the Michigan Townships Association, or MTA, was adopted by Brighton Township in 2013. As an MTA member, Brighton Township uses the model as a policy for its board. The principles are set by the MTA as a way to guide a municipality’s stewardship, deliberations, and constituent services- all of which are expected to be held to the highest standards.

The MTA believes the principles improve efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency among township boards. By adopting them, township boards agree to comply with state and federal requirements, communicate issues to the public, practice transparency, treat all individuals fairly, and cooperate with other governmental bodies in a reasonable way. Brighton Township Clerk Ann Bollin was recently elected to serve on the MTA’s Board of Directors as the District 25 representative.

Brighton Township’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution adopting the MTA’s principles at a recent meeting. (DK)