Livingston County EMS will once again be teaming up with a local health system to ensure experience for EMT students.

A training division of Livingston County EMS teaches Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses, which EMS Director Jeff Boyd says have been successful in the first five years of the endeavor. For successful completion of an EMS course, students are required to have clinical experience in a hospital setting.

Saint Joseph Mercy Hospitals has agreed to be the clinical site to fulfill this requirement, which Boyd believes is a helpful and long-term relationship. A one-year clinical contract between Livingston County EMS and the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System was approved last week by two of the county’s subcommittees.

Boyd says EMS is “very happy to work with a local hospital to provide experience” to students working to complete EMT courses. The contract will be reviewed by the county’s board of commissioners tonight, and approval is expected. (DK)