An investigation has been launched following the discovery of a credit card skimmer at a local gas station.

Pinckney Police Chief Jeff Newton tells WHMI the skimmer was found on one of the pumps at the BP station on East Main Street in Pinckney Thursday morning. It was discovered by BP employees conducting a routine inspection, who then contacted the Pinckney Police Department. Once police confirmed the skimmer, it was confiscated and an investigation has been initiated in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Weights & Measures. Newton says there are no suspects at this time.

Authorities say anyone who may have used their credit card at the station’s gas pumps within the last week is encouraged to contact their financial institution for a new card. Prior to using a card at the pump, police suggest checking to see if the seals on the pump are broken or have been tampered with.

Police advised many gas stations are becoming more aware of the pump skimmer issue around the state, and are using new locks, along with seals, as well as frequent employee inspections. (DK)