A new development which includes a parking deck in a prime location in downtown Milford has been recommended for rezoning approval.

The Milford Planning Commission heard a presentation from the Downtown Development Authority and held a public hearing to discuss the property at 505 North Main Street, Wednesday night. The DDA has been considering options for adding relief to parking, while also offering new business and housing opportunities on the site for more than a decade. With a public-private partnership now in the works, the DDA has worked with a developer to design a structure that will add 16 condominium units, commercial business space, and 103 new public parking spaces. To do so, they need the parcel rezoned from B-3 to a planned unit development, or PUD.

DDA Exectutive Director Ann Barnette explained the need, stating that they were trying to do a lot with a very small space, which she said is part of the challenge and also delight with the property. She said that in order to make the building appropriately scaled and get enough parking, the developer needed a 4th story, which could only be permitted under a PUD. The 4th story will be set back 19feet-7inches on Main Street, and 15feet-8inches on Commerce Road. The setback will make the floor virtually unseen from the ground level in the surrounding area. The development also calls for the removal of contaminated soil left from the gas station that formerly operated on the property.

The Village Planning Consultant spoke on the legislative matters and environmental impact of the development and considered all of the conditions for a PUD agreement to have been met. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend to Village Council that the rezoning be allowed. (MK)