Tensions ran high during South Lyon’s City Council meeting as officials debated a motion to suspend Councilman Glenn Kivell.

From the start of Monday’s meeting, there was a strong sense of division and tension. All throughout the night, council members traded personal jabs and insults directed towards one another while discussing billing and taxing issues. Matters escalated once Councilwoman Margaret Kurtzweil requested the suspension of Councilman Kivell for his involvement in a conflict of interest case. Last August, Kivell was among those who voted to award Pullam Windows a $42,000 contract without disclosing that he was employed by the company. Earlier the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office decided against filing criminal charges in the matter and last night the council voted 4-2 that he will also not serve a suspension either. Kurtzweil and Councilman Joe Ryzyi were the only two yes votes following a heated debate. Kurtzweil tells WHMI that she knew going in Kivell’s friendship with the other council members would save him from serving a suspension.

Kurtzweil later went on to describe Kivell as both “a deceitful liar” and “predator.” The council members who voted against the suspension said they felt too much money and time had already been spent on the issue and that Kivell has been punished enough by suffering a ruined reputation. Mayor John Galeas said that while he would like to think the Kivell issue is laid to rest, knowing the personalities involved he would not be surprised if the issue were to get brought up again. (DF/JK)