A new assisted living facility in Brighton was approved by the City Council at its meeting Thursday night.

The facility will be constructed on the northwest corner of the intersection of Rickett Road and Oak Ridge Drive, on the city’s far south side. A name for the facility has not yet been determined, according to Scott Bell of Lapham Associates, the engineering firm on the project. In his presentation, Bell told council the 1-story, 40,000-square foot facility will consist of 76 dwelling units. Bell tells WHMI a “dwelling unit” is more than a room, but not quite an apartment, due to the fact that it is assisted living - where many of the residents’ needs are provided. The dwelling units, for instance, do not have kitchens, since meals for residents will be served in a common dining area.

In January, the project received two Zoning Board of Appeals variances – one which will allow parking in front of the building and the other to allow just one loading space instead of the two required in a commercial building of that size. The 5-acre parcel is zoned Office Service. The developer will need an easement from the city in order to encroach on city property to allow fire department access. Council approved the final site plan Thursday on a unanimous vote. Bell says construction is expected to start on the facility in the next two weeks, with completion by the end of the year, if all goes as planned. Bell says the project cost hasn’t been determined yet, but he estimates it at about $5 million. (TT)