A superintendent’s abrupt resignation has left a local school district on short notice to hire an interim replacement.

Ed Koledo had been at the helm of Linden Community Schools for 8 years. Last week, he notified the Board of Education of his intent to step down, effective today. Koledo cited wanting to spend more time with his family and pursuing other professional options as the main reasons why. Koledo also serves as a Brigade Commander and Lieutenant Colonel in the Michigan Army National Guard. Many on the Board sympathized with Koledo and commended the dedication to his family. Board President Scott Maker thanked him for his time, saying that he didn’t think the community could fully appreciate all the contributions Koledo has made to the district and surrounding community at-large. He said that him leaving was going to leave a gap and that somebody is going to have big shoes to fill.

Two candidates for the interim superintendent position were identified- Linden High School Principal Russ Ciesielski and Curriculum Director Julie Brown. The Board felt both were qualified but ultimately the recommendation went to Ciesielski. Maker said he has worked with him through challenging situations before and that Ciesielski allowed them to move quickly without having to shift gears or pump the brakes. The board approved Ciesielski’s appointment by a 6-1 vote. Vice President Steve Murphy voted against, saying that he didn’t believe Brown had been given a fair chance, and that this was “lame.”

The Board will now move forward with the search for a full time superintendent, of which Ciesielski and Brown, both, are expected to be candidates for. (MK)