A veteran’s memorial is expanding so that it may honor more servicemen and women.

A renovation project at the Brighton Veterans Memorial will allow for additional sidewalk pavers and flags. When the current memorial was built, it had room for 400 pavers on its walk of honor in front of the memorial and to the left of it. Due to overwhelming support, Brighton Veterans Memorial Committee is adding a sidewalk to the rear and additional flag poles. The new sidewalk will be able to accommodate nearly 500 more named pavers. Committee Chair Bill Rubin said it’s not a memorial where you have to have passed away, been in combat, or been deployed to be recognized. Any who have served in the active duty military, National Guard, Air Guard, or reserves is eligible.

The revamped memorial will also feature a new flag layout. Five flag poles will display the banners of the 5 services with a 6th behind it, flying the flag for Gold Star Families that lost loved ones in the line of duty. Rubin said that the original thought was to locate to POW/MIA flag with the service flags, but there was concern from the community that that might be disrespectful and seen as demoting the flag. After searching through flag code and other appropriate institutions, they have decided to the fly the POW/MIA flag underneath the U.S. flag, like in many other communities.

The project is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. Pavers are still available for dedication. $115 covers the cost and engraving. Applications are available online through the link below, or in person at City Hall or the Brighton Farmer’s Market. (MK)