The Hamburg Township Parks and Recreation Committee has approved their updated Master Plan.

The committee put the final touches on the document they will use to steer where they want their parks, trails, and recreation systems to go over the next 5 years. Chairman Mike Dolan wasn’t discouraged by the lack of any resident wishing to make public comment during the second public hearing Tuesday night, because he said they had great response from their online survey and first hearing. Dolan said the committee saw lots of useful feedback regarding the farmer’s market and walking trails. He then presented an idea to select a unified picnic table and bench design that could be used throughout the trail system and in the parks.

Citizens could dedicate the furniture, for example, with “In memory of” plaques, while businesses could advertise on theirs. Of areas to improve upon were youth sports and recreation. The numbers of kids playing in Hamburg Township’s system is down and the committee recognized the need to stimulate interest. Committee members also took a field trip to Novi to observe how they schedule and maximize the use of their recreation facilities.

The board is considering using online scheduling software for reserving fields, that could also be used for registering time and space in the senior center or possibly park pavilions in the future. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will now go to the Township Board of Trustees for approval with recommendation from this committee. (MK)