One of the three teens charged with planning to shoot up a local high school has been jailed after a judge canceled his bond.

17-year-old Kody Brewer of Wolverine Lake pleaded no contest last year to a false report or threat of terrorism after police say he and two others conspired to bring guns to Linden High School, kill a student one of the three felt had disrespected him online and then shoot up the school. Brewer’s sentencing had been delayed until Monday in Genesee County Circuit Court after he had requested to be sentenced as an adult in a bid to avoid jail time.

But that gambit failed when Judge Joseph Farah learned Brewer violated his bond by possessing a cell phone, being suspended five times from school since November while also accruing more than 70 tardies and absences. Judge Farah cancelled Brewer's bond and ordered him to the county jail for the next three weeks. Brewer had originally been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and false report of terrorism, along with co-defendants 19-year-old Ryan William Stevens of Linden and 17-year-old Lamarr Dukes of West Bloomfield.

Stevens was sentenced in December to five months of probation while Dukes’ case was transferred to the juvenile system. Brewer is now set for sentencing Monday, July 17th. (JK)