The removal of a managerial position in Livingston County’s 911 Central Dispatch system will add a boost to their budget.

Central Dispatch has been under reorganization and eliminating a duplicitous position will subsequently result in a surplus of funds. An Operations Manager position was created several years ago and then a Deputy Director position to work with the Operations Manager. This year, the 911 Director position was revised and the Operations Manager, Joni Harvey, was promoted to Deputy Director.

Director Chad Chewning says the Deputy Director and Operations Manager position were essentially the same job, therefore making the Operations Manager position unnecessary. Chewning says no one will be losing a job by the removal of that position, since Harvey was the last person to hold it.

In the reorganization period for Central Dispatch, four Operation Supervisor positions were created, leaving the dispatch floor and its 29 dispatchers well-covered 24/7. The removal of the Operations Manager position will create a $65,000 surplus. Because Central Dispatch doesn’t receive money from the county’s general fund, the surplus will go back into the system’s special revenue fund. Chewning says the money will be used for projects and to meet requirements that will make Livingston County’s Central Dispatch “next generation 911.”

A resolution to remove the position was approved by the county’s Public Safety & Infrastructure and Development Committee Monday. Chewning says if it receives county approval, it will become effective immediately. (DK)