Green Oak Township officials want more details regarding a proposed housing project in order to allow the development to move forward.

Timberview Estates would consist of 236 single-family homes on approximately 128 acres at the corner of Rushton and 9 Mile Roads. The project’s Planned Unit Development site plan came before Green Oak Township’s Board of Trustees for review and preliminary approval Wednesday. The board unanimously approved it, but not without some conditions. Supervisor Mark St. Charles says there are several concerns that need to be addressed and more details added before the project can come back to the township’s Planning Commission for final PUD and site plan approval.

The board is seeking more information about the waste water treatment plant that will be constructed to service the development, storm water management, and whether a traffic light should be put in at Rushton and 9 Mile Road. Another detail in question is paving Rushton Road. Developers have agreed to pave about 750 feet of the road from 9 Mile Road south toward their entrance. But St. Charles says he wants the road to be paved past the entrance to the end of the subdivision. St. Charles says he is also struggling with the small lot size of the homes, which would average about 7,700 square feet.

If those details can be worked out, St. Charles feels the proposed development is mostly on par with the township’s master plan. He feels it is best to address the issues at hand before the project gets too far along.

Project planners have said the development’s proposed community building, hiking trails, paved pathways, and access to a “nature area” would benefit the public as well as the subdivision’s residents. St. Charles says with any proposed project, officials look at all of the details to ensure the development will meet township standards. (DK)