“We will shut you down”. That was the warning from Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy to those planning on attending a big gravel pit party before it happened.
The Sheriff's Office became aware of a party last Friday in the gravel pit owned by Deerfield Township off of Hogan Road between Green and Linden Roads. Sheriff Murphy took to social media to nip the party in the bud, creating a Facebook video telling organizers and would be party-goers that they did not have permission to be there and would get shut down.

Murphy says a couple of cars were stopped that didn’t get the message but other than that it was a huge non-event – which is exactly what they wanted. Murphy said he’s all about being preventive versus reactive so if there is an opportunity to use social media for prevention, he’s all about it.

Murphy says he was glad his quick post telling people to think twice worked out so well – adding it made their jobs much easier and saved everyone from a lot of grief and headaches. (JM)