Howell’s Board of Education approved the hiring of a School Resource Officer to be used throughout the district.

The board met on Monday to discuss potentially hiring a School Resource Officer to work directly with the school district. This was a position the district had in the past, but officials say they were forced to drop the role due to budgetary issues. With funds now available, Superintendent Erin MacGregor successfully lobbied for the role to once again be added back into the system.

At the start of the upcoming school year, the resource officer will be used to provide education, counseling, and legal services to students and staff for all of Howell Public Schools. Nearly three-quarters of the officer’s salary will be paid through the school district’s General Fund. The salary will range approximately between $55,000 and $67,000 over the course of three years. After Monday’s meeting, MacGregor said that he was thrilled to see the addition of this role pass. (DF)