Charges will not be filed against a South Lyon City Council member involved in a conflict-of-interest case.

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office made the decision to not charge Councilman Greg Kivell following an investigation by law firm Dykema Gossett. The case stemmed from a city council meeting last August where council members awarded Pullam Windows a $42,000 contract for the installation of new windows at the police department and South Lyon Area Recreation Building. The unanimous vote included Kivell who did not disclose at the time that he worked for Pullam Windows.

Dykema Gosset found that the lack of disclosure resulted in seven misdemeanor charges under city charter, city code, and state law. However, they reported that while Kivell had financial interest as an employee, he received nothing beyond his normal pay. While City Council voted to seek criminal prosecution, the Oakland County Prosecutor decided not to file charges and did not issue a warrant.

Councilwoman Margaret Kurtzweil was in support of seeking criminal charges and said that this being city charter was the city’s job to enforce and not the Prosecutor’s Office. Kivell, said he was disappointed that his word was not taken on him having nothing to gain from the contract, and lamented the $38,000 the city spent on attorney fees to investigate. (MK)