An intersection in the City of Howell that periodically floods is soon getting some needed improvements.

Several times a year the railroad viaduct on Grand River floods, largely due to sand and gravel coming off of Lucy Road. Lucy Road is a dirt drive which runs downhill to Grand River with a lot of large industrial truck traffic entering and exiting it. The fine materials kicked up from the trucks get into the storm system and make it difficult for the pumps that lift the water to Thompson Lake.

Livingston County Road Commission Managing Director Mike Craine said that recently the Michigan Department of Transportation has gotten in touch with him about fixing the situation. The estimated $329,000 project will see 800 feet of heavy pavement extended onto Lucy Road. That will help keep sand and gravel off of Grand River and reduce the amount of patching that needs to be done. The Road Commission will pay for the remainder of the improvements and perform the necessary inspections.

The City of Howell will be administering the project through its existing MDOT 425 Maintenance Agreement. Members discussed the unique partnership during Monday’s meeting. The city will go out to bid for the work and the final contract and reimbursement agreements will be brought back to council for approval. Members and staff shared some chuckles about the irony of the project as it’s a county road being paved by the state and insured by the city.

There is no start date set, but Craine said he expects it to be completed this construction season. (MK/JM)