Criminals are apparently installing credit and debit skimmers again at gas stations in Livingston County.

Skimmers are small devices that capture credit and debit card information on a gas station pump or ATM machine. Since it blends in with the existing equipment, unsuspecting consumers never notice it. Howell Police Chief George Basar tells WHMI that on June 4th, skimmers were found on three of the diesel gas station pumps at Mugg and Bopps on South Michigan Avenue.

Additional skimmers were also found at the Mugg and Bopps on Clinton Street in Stockbridge earlier this month. Basar says the local case is under investigation and they’re reviewing security footage to try and identify a suspect. Skimming devices were previously confiscated during a state crackdown and gas pump blitz last March.

State officials encourage gas stations to check pumps regularly for any signs of tampering and use security cameras. Members of the public are advised to monitor bank statements. (JM)