There’s some good news for motorists traveling through the Whitmore Lake area but not so good news for those utilizing North Territorial Road.

The Michigan Department of Transportation advises that the new roundabouts at 8 Mile Road and US-23 were on track to re-open today. Whitmore Lake Road and 8 Mile Road should have also re-opened. However, several ramps at the interchange will remain closed for construction. M-DOT says the northbound US-23 off-ramp to 8 Mile Road will remain “right-turn only” with westbound traffic detoured to M-36. The southbound off-ramp to 8 Mile Road is expected to reopen by the end of June. The southbound US-23 on-ramp from 8 Mile Road will remain closed until mid-August.

Meanwhile, M-DOT further advises the construction at the North Territorial Road interchange at US-23 will be extended. The original completion date of June 15th has been extended out to June 25th. Both the northbound and southbound exit ramps to North Territorial Road will remain closed until that time, along with the southbound US-23 entrance ramp from North Territorial Road.

In addition, the one way detours at North Territorial Road and 6 Mile Road will remain in place until June 25th. Currently, one lane is maintained eastbound on N. Territorial Road over US-23 and one lane is maintained westbound on 6 Mile Road over US-23.

A link to the full update on the US-23 Flex Route project from M-DOT is provided. Photo: M-DOT. (JM)