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Company MIchigan Engineered Comfort
Phone 313-535-4400
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Michigan Engineered Comfort Corporation
2532 Pepper Court
Hartland, Michigan  48353
(810) 632-7940  Fax (810) 632-6620
Detroit  (313) 535-4400 Fax (313)535-4403

HVAC Skilled Tradesmen, Sales Engineers / Estimators & Project Managers
Entry Level through experienced Journeymen
2020 (MERIT BASED & AT WILL) Base Wage & Benefit Program

All crews are cross trained for multiple Skilled Trades disciplines, to better serve our customer's.
Raises are MERIT based upon our opinion of your education and experience, not simply time in the truck…
U.S. Military Veteran's, get special consideration and pay!

Hourly Benefit Values    $ / Hour
*      Vacation, equivalent…    $2.00       Progressive, 1 week, 2 weeks & 3 weeks, Anniversary Based
*      Holiday, equivalent    $0.80            Six (6) Paid holidays
*      Health Coverage    $12.00              FULL BC & BS, Family Coverage, with NO Premium CoPay!
*      401 K Pension Admin.    $0.95       We pay and absorb the 401K Plan Basic Administration Fees
*      Training & Education    $3.00         FULL College Tuition, Registration & Books, FREE for A's & B's!
*      Safety Clothing    $0.40                  Requires Pre Approval, in writing
             Requires a full Two (2) year employment after each class, or a complete 100% reimbursement
*      Vehicle, Fuel & Mtce.    $10.80       Tech's take their truck's home, with fuel, maintenance, insurance +
             Completely Optional, Not everyone is issued a company vehicle, primarily field crews only…

+ Benefits, Sub Total…    $29.95

x 2080 hrs / yr    are Unbelievable, at $46,280,00 / Yr.

Most of our Benefit's are TAX FREE!!!
Please refer to our benefit plan explanation, on the separate attachment & our Policies, for more details
Full Time Field Technician's receive the same benefits & thay are much better than most Skilled Trades!

*      401 K Pension & Emergency Account    100%, your family's money, with investment advisor's at our expense
*      401 K Contribution Matching, Optional
*      Profit Sharing    Optional
*      Merit Based Bonuses    Optional
*      Tool Credit Line    $400.00                                  With Weekly Payroll Deductions over Time

We are Multi Jurisdictional, to avoid layoffs, so that you can annually earn more & better care for your family…
No lost pay into "Mystery Funds" for others, No Jurisdictional Disputes & No restricitive work rules to hold you back!
More Hours, Flexible Scheduling, Unlimited Training, a Better Pension & No Co Pay for Family Health Care!!!

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations in providing premium quality
environmental engineering, maintenance and service promptly, with honesty and integrity.

Please forward your resume to and call us at 313-535-4400 for an interview.


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