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Sales Associate (Cashier)

Job Summary

Responsible for taking money in the form of cash, check, or credit card from patrons in exchange for food or services. Scans items, provides change, balances drawer, and processes card transactions.


Primary responsibilities

  • Scan items and ensure pricing is correct.
  • Greet customers and ask if they want paper or plastic.
  • Take customers' orders.
  • Deliver hot or cold food to customers.
  • Take coupons and scan correctly.
  • Dispense correct change.
  • Take money in the form of cash, credit card, or check.
  • Ask for one or two forms of ID to confirm identity.
  • Validate checks.
  • Issue receipts, refunds, and credits.
  • Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.
  • Change receipt paper as needed.
  • Resolve amount discrepancies.
  • Bag items carefully.
  • Weigh items.
  • Clean up checkout area with damp cloth and disinfectant.
  • Establish or identify prices of goods, services or admission, and tabulate bills using calculators, cash registers, or optical price scanners.
  • Take food stamps or WIC coupons.
  • Sell tickets, liquor, lottery tickets, and cigarettes.
  • Bag, box, or gift-wrap merchandise.
  • Process returns and checks to see if items are damaged.
  • Answer customers' questions and get a manager if answer doesn't solve the issue.
  • Cash checks and provide change.
  • Return unwanted items to shelves.


Positions open in Holt, Lansing, New Hudson, Novi, Howell, Commerce Twp.

Insurance options available


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 USA 2 GO is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications are available for printing on line at; 


USA 2 GO Quick Store’s mission is to provide our customers with a clean and friendly experience, easy accessibility, convenience and the largest variety of quality name brand products in the areas we serve.

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