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Day Camp Counselor



1 Those qualifications outlined in the WILDWOOD RANCH JOB DESCRIPTIONS
2 Have a desire to work in a service position in a camp.
3 Be a minimum age of 18 years old.

In addition to those responsibilities listed in the WILDWOOD RANCH JOB

DESCRIPTIONS OVERVIEW, each Day Camp Counselor should:
4 Participate in all activities with campers each day.
5 Ability to communicate and work effectively with groups participating (age and skill
levels), and provide necessary instruction to campers.
6 Attend and participate in staff meetings each day and on Sundays.
7 For all early & after care rotations, actively engage with campers. Arrive 15 minutes
prior to each assigned early care rotation. For after care, staff will stay until all
campers have been picked up.
8 On Monday mornings, unless already working early care, all staff will be at the
front of camp, wearing their staff t-shirt, no later than 8:30am to help with registration
day duties.
9 Put the needs of the campers before your own needs/desires.
10 Show love to all campers while at camp.
11 Make sure campers are following through on daily responsibilities like personal
12 Work alongside & support other staff you come in contact with throughout the day.
13 Ability to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate
safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behaviormanagement
techniques according to the Behavior Management Policy to protect
the interest of campers, staff and the camp.
14 Share the gospel message & give each camper the opportunity to accept it (NEVER
coerce or force a camper into making spiritual decisions)
15 Assist campers at the activities on the schedule each day. Visual and auditory ability
to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the activity.
16 Physical endurance to walk an average of 5-8 miles a day with campers, assisting
them where needed.
17 Arrive and depart from scheduled events on time.
18 Assist campers in keeping up with the gear they bring, helping to maintain a
minimum amount of Lost & Found. At the end of each day, will go through the items
gathered throughout the day and see if they can find the camper whom they belong
19 Assist Leadership Staff during evening activities with chapel, snack shack, night
games and bonfires.
20 Assist kitchen staff, teen ministry leaders and LIT campers with meal set-up and
cleanup as needed in the mornings and at dinners as assigned.
21 Assist campers in maintaining a balanced account at Snack Shack, actively
supervise and engage campers during Snack Shack rotations.
22 Greet campers & families with great enthusiasm each morning and afternoon during
arrival and departures at camp.
23 Actively participate and help to lead Morning Gatherings.
24 Encourage & build up the excitement of the summer theme and cabin/group
competitions each week.
25 Balance the group dynamics in the cabin groups to protect each child’s emotional
26 Effectively utilize spontaneous “teachable moments”.
27 Facilitate a cabin devotional each day.
28 Be intentional about getting to know each camper in your group each week in order
to find out about all areas of their life, with an emphasis on their spiritual condition.
29 Participate in skits and worship at Chapel as needed after dinner duties are
30 Complete camper paperwork/staff evaluations as asked by the end of the week.
31 Clean-up Day Camp Area (Chippewa Village) at the end of each day (i.e. trash,
equipment, lost & found, etc). Any supplies, games, etc. used at Chippewa Village or
elsewhere should be cleaned up and put away.
32 Help campers keep the campgrounds clean by teaching them about the “Leave No
Trace” concept.
33 Clean and sanitize surfaces, equipment, etc. according to Health Department
34 Be an example of true Christian character and conduct.

1. Pre-camp reading/videos as assigned
2. Wildwood Staff Training

Other Related Duties:
Other duties & responsibilities may arise that are not included in this job description.

Evaluation & Observation:
Evaluation & Observations of staff will take place at a minimum of once per summer and up
to twice per summer. These will be shared as needed with staff during the summer.


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