Jessica Mathews /

Leaders in education will come together later this week to discuss ways they can collaborate to create secondary and postsecondary opportunities for Livingston County students.

On Friday, leaders from local public school district high schools, Cleary University, and Livingston ESA will come together for the first time to discuss ways they can collaborate to create opportunities for local students.

The conversation among the educators aims to ensure that local students are aware and have access to the best educational and career opportunities by connecting leaders from the local school districts and the University. Local districts will learn about scholarship opportunities, extracurricular activities, career pathways, and programs offered by Cleary University.
That is designed to make districts more aware and better able to support their students, while the University will gain insight into the educational needs and wants of Livingston County students.

Collaborating with local educational institutions is said to be one of many ways Livingston ESA is working to reduce educational gaps and ensure students have the resources and support they need to succeed.

A press release states it will also allow all to continue to invest in the future of local students and build a brighter economic and educational future for all.

Livingston ESA Superintendent Dr. Michael Hubert said “We are committed to increasing educational opportunities for students in our county, and this is a great step in the right direction. It will help keep and grow local talent and ensure students have access to the support needed to empower them to pursue their goals and post-secondary education. We hope that connecting the educational institutions will create a strong foundation and environment of support to propel our students forward.”