An agreement between Green Oak Township and the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA) has been approved regarding access to the property where the township’s new police station is located.

The township purchased a 13-acre parcel from HCMA, which is located behind the existing fire station off of Whitmore Lake Road, adjacent to the Legacy Center, and is the location of the township’s new police station. Part of the purchase agreement and the sale of the HCMA property required an easement agreement between the township and HCMA.

The agreement allows vehicles and pedestrians to access Whitmore Lake Road and to allow HCMA to access the remainder of their parcel over, upon and across the easement area. The agreement was approved and finalized at a recent meeting of the township’s Board of Trustees.

Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles says the township’s plan has always been to complete the police station, wait a couple of years and then start construction on a new fire station. The new fire station would be south of the new police station. St. Charles says the existing fire station would then come down and a boulevard entrance would be created where that fire station was. HCMA could then access their property to the north or, those looking to access the police/fire station complex, would head south. He says it'd be a nicer and much safer entrance to the buildings and land.

St. Charles notes the agreement is the same as the one included in the purchase documents and sets in stone how HCMA can access their property if and when they develop it. (DK)