By Jessica Mathews /

A busy portion of Grand River is slated to be rehabilitated this coming construction season.

The project encompasses a roughly four-mile stretch of Grand River from the east Fowlerville Village limits to Burkhart Road. The Livingston County Road Commission board met virtually Thursday morning to approve a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation. There’s a federal aid cost-sharing agreement with MDOT for the project. It’s already been put out to bid and a memo states the estimate is $1.14 (m) million.

Road Commission Director of Engineering Jodie Tedesco detailed the project, which came in under bid, saying it’s a mill and fill to rehab pavement in the area. The existing top course of asphalt will be milled, joints repaired and then a new top asphalt course will be added. Shoulders will be improved with gravel and raised up where needed.

A start date hasn’t been determined but the contract calls for the project to be completed by September 1st. Tedesco said she assumes MDOT will award the project in April and they’ll get a progress schedule but they’ll likely want to get out there early. Tedesco added that it’s a pretty straightforward project that should actually be a short job once it does start and only take a couple of weeks.

Grand River will remain open and work will be done under flag control.