This weekend marked the climax of activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of Cooper & Binkley Jewelers in downtown Brighton. The store, originally owned by Marshall Cooper, opened its doors in 1949 and was bought from Cooper in 1971 by Mark Binkley’s father, Keith. In 1992, Mark and Barb Binkley bought the store, and in 2000, demolished the building and built a new and larger structure.

To kick off the 70th Anniversary celebration this summer, Cooper & Binkley presented seven gifts to people selected randomly at nine locations in downtown Brighton, concluding with seven gifts presented Saturday at the store, for a total of 70 gifts of jewelry. According to Cooper & Binkley Public Relations Manager Jennifer Yanchula, the store has been voted the #1 jewelry store in Livingston County for 19 years in a row in an annual People’s Choice competition. Co-owner Barb Binkley adds that a big reason for the success of Cooper & Binkley is its staff, many of whom have been employed there for years.

Binkley says the store prides itself on filling customer orders for designer jewelry from such famed artists as Simon G., which has a reputation for being among the top designers of jewelry for the stars, and which has won numerous awards for its designs.

Binkley says the store has a “Never Say No” policy in which it provides donations of jewelry to charitable organizations and for charitable causes. As one example, this summer Cooper & Binkley is donating a 1-carat diamond to LACASA for its upcoming “Denim & Diamonds” event, which is scheduled for Oct. 19th. The store will conclude its 70th Anniversary celebration with a "Shop and Sale" event this Monday through Saturday, Aug. 17. (TT)