Livingston County’s increase in concealed pistol licenses since state law made it easier to obtain them is above the statewide average.

In the 14 months that the state legislature eliminated county gun boards, Michigan has seen a 25% increase in concealed pistol licenses. In Livingston County, that rate is 28%. According to, Michigan State Police data shows that more than 621,000 Michigan residents had a concealed pistol license as of February 1st. That compares to just over 497,000 as of December 1st of 2016 when the state law eliminating county gun boards when into effect. The applications are now processed by county clerks and the Michigan State Police.

Livingston County has 16,178 CPLs, or 12% of the population 25 and older, which ranks it 10th in the state. Keweenaw County has the highest rate at 15%, while Kent County has the lowest at 5%. (JK)