By Mike Kruzman /

Brighton City Council members have approved a site plan for a large office building that many feel will be a great addition to the city.

Creative Construction Concepts will be a building development company that does research on new prototypes and techniques in construction, largely for brick and mortar business. It will be located on a 6-acre lot off of Rickett Road, near Sisu Knoll Drive. The site plan was originally part of the City Council’s consent agenda. Councilman Jim Bohn, believing in it, asked that it be pulled to the regular agenda so that the rest of the Council could hear about the project.

City of Brighton Mayor Pro-Tem Susan Gardner said she believes the business will benefit from forthcoming rehabilitation on the road including the removal of a long island in its middle. She added that she has followed this through the Planning Commission and saw the excitement the developer had for the project. Gardner said, “It’s a great project for the city.”

The building will be roughly 43,000 square feet in size. Creative Construction Concepts will use two-thirds of it with the owner intending to lease the remaining space to a tenant.

Community Development Manager Mike Caruso said they went through numerous rounds of consulting with this project last fall and they might have lost the applicant. Then they came back in March with a site plan that better met the City’s needs. As part of the site plan approval, the applicant took a 10% deferment to the landscaping to help satisfy their need for over 200 parking spaces. That means they will locate a green, open space and designate it on the site plan as “future parking” if needed. If at some point, City Council deems more parking is needed on-site, they can call upon the applicant to put it in.

The site plan was approved by City Council unanimously.